Apto's documentation site provides how-to steps for getting started with an Instance Issuance card program, conceptual overviews of topics such as transactions and funding, reference docs for our APIs and SDKs, and more. We aim to write detailed guides and thorough API and SDK docs, but if you can't find the information you're looking for, please submit a request or email us at customersupport@aptopayments.com.

Apto offers two programs: Instant Issuance and Enterprise. If you want to launch a consumer debit card program in a matter of hours, check out our Instant Issuance program. Instant Issuance card programs come largely preconfigured to improve self-service capabilities and therefore speed to market! We recommend you start with Instant, but if you need more customization to achieve your goals, we'll work with you to configure your card program's attributes through an Enterprise implementation. Please contact Apto sales to learn more.

Core concepts#

Apto offers APIs and SDKs to enable maximum flexibility as you build out your card program.

Each of our APIs is intended for specific integration scenarios:

  • Apto Core API - For card programs to interact directly with the Apto platform.
  • Mobile API - Apto Mobile API - For end user applications, allowing your customers (cardholders) to interact with the Apto platform through your application or website

Our SDKs are built on top of the Mobile API and designed to help you launch your integration faster while still maintaining control over the look and feel of your UI.

Navigating this documentation#

Developers looking to start their integration with Apto’s platform should: