Switching into production

When you’re ready to launch your card program, switch from Sandbox to Production mode in the dashboard. You’ll provide a few details about your business, style your cards, and connect your Billing Account. Then it’s time to onboard your cardholders and send them cards!

Selecting your program#

When you’re ready to go live, you’ll have to select what type of production program you want to launch. The fastest way to issue cards is with our Instant Issuance program. You can launch yours today and, as it scales, complete checks to further configure your program. Though if you’ve built something cool in our Sandbox, we’re always happy to discuss Enterprise integrations, too!

Enterprise programs are necessary when you want full control over your card program. We can help you issue cards to a store of value that you control (e.g. your crypto wallet) as well corporate, credit or prepaid cards. They’re also needed if you want custom card art, full API access or if you want to offer your own cardholder support.

Note - Even if you want all of the above, we recommend getting started with an Instant Issuance program in order to issue initial cards and validate your value proposition.

If you decide an Enterprise program is ultimately right for you, please contact Apto sales. We’ll work with you to plan out your integration and conduct further verifications if needed. For example, we may require that you are PCI Level 1 and SOC2 compliant. Enterprise programs require implementation fees and typically take 1-3 months to launch.

Instant Issuance and Enterprise card programs include these differences:

Instant IssuanceEnterprise Programs
Consumer Debit Card ProgramAll Funding Models
SDKs + GET Access + DashboardSDKs + Full API Access + Dashboard
Default Program LimitsEnterprise Program Limits
Limited Card ArtEnterprise Card Art
Corporate Card Programs

Verifying your business#

Business verification is normally an arduous process. In the Instant Issuance card program, Apto makes it quick and painless. We need a few details about your company so that we can comply with U.S. federal regulations. Then you’re good to go.

Ultimate beneficial owners#

As part of this business verification, Apto is also required to obtain, verify, and record information about the ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) of your legal entity. During account activation, we’ll ask for information about your company’s beneficial owner(s), including their name, address, date of birth and social security number (or passport number or other similar information, in the case of non-U.S. persons). In certain cases, we may also be required to see a copy of a driver’s license or other identifying document for each beneficial owner listed on this form.

Ultimate beneficial owners are:

  1. An individual with significant responsibility for managing the legal entity (e.g., a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, or Chief Operating Officer); and
  2. Each individual, if any, who owns, directly or indirectly, 25 percent or more of the shares of your company.

Note that the number of individuals that satisfy this definition of “UBO” may vary. You must provide the identifying information of at least one individual who has significant responsibility for managing the legal entity. However, you may need to identify up to four individuals (but as few as zero) who own 25 percent or more of the shares of your company.

It is also possible that the same individual might be identified under both sections (e.g., the President of Acme, Inc. who also holds a 30% equity interest). In this case, you will have to submit their details twice.

Designing cards#

Cards in the Instant Issuance program can be digital or physical. You have several options for card color and can add your own logo. If minute, pixel-perfect control of card art is essential to your brand identity from day one, we can make that dream come true within an Enterprise program.

Add money to your Funding Account#

The Instant Issuance program includes these accounts:

  • Funding Account - Funds for you to add to cardholder accounts
  • Revenue Account - Funds generated by cardholder transactions
  • Billing Account - Funds to cover transaction fees and pay for card issuance

In the funds good model, you load funds into your Funding Account and use that balance to fund your cardholders’ cards. You can start as small or as large as you want. And you can fund your program with a debit card, or ACH transfer. To add funds to your Funding Account, open Settings > Payments, where you can add payment methods accounts and initiate funds transfers.

To move funds from your Funding Account to your cardholders’ cards, you’ll need your Funding Account ID, which you can find under Settings > Account. Then submit a POST request to the /cards/{card_id}/load_funds endpoint, using your Funding Account ID as the source_balance_id.


The Billing Account is a bank account that we set up behind the scenes. We require you to fund the account with a minimum deposit of $500.00. To fund your Billing Account, we ask for your debit card number to facilitate an instant deposit.

Beyond ATM fees, Apto does not have a direct billing relationship with individual cardholders. You are encouraged to design and build a billing experience if you will be charging additional fees to your cardholders.