PCI SDK for the web


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The PCI SDK allows developers to show protected PCI data through an iframe

Getting started


npm i @apto/pci-sdk-web


Remember to replace 2.0,0 with the desired version. We follow a semantic versioning scheme

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@apto-payments/pci-sdk-web@2.0.0/dist/umd/apto-pci-sdk.min.js"></script>


Init(options: OptionsObject)

The OptionsObject has the following properties:

  • auth
    • userToken: The id of the cardholder
    • cardId: Given unique card identifier
    • apiKey: API Token given by APTO
    • environment: 'sbx' | 'prd';
  • theme?: The name of a predefined theme
    • light: Use this theme over a dark background. This theme expects the iframe to have a ID-1 aspect ratio.
    • dark: Use this theme over a light backgroud. This theme expects the iframe to have a ID-1 aspect ratio
  • element?: HTMLElement into which the iframe will be mounted. By default the PCI SDK will look for an element with the apto-pci-sdk id.
  • values?
    • lastFour?: Last four digits displayed in the card number when hidden. Default: ••••
    • labelPan?: Custom text to show as a label for the card number field. Default: Card number
    • labelCvv?: Custom text to show as a label for CVV field. Default: Cvv
    • labelExp?: Custom text to show as a label for the expiration date field. Default: Exp
    • labelName?: Custom text to show as a label for the name on card field. Default: Name
    • nameOnCard?: Custom text to show in the name field. Default: ``
aptoPCI.init({ element, auth, style, values });

setTheme(theme: 'light' | 'dark')






setStyle(style: ITheme)


Building custom themes

The ITheme object

  • We provide a controlled set of elements that can be styled.
  • You can use the extends property to extend an existing theme.
  • Each element can be styled using a CSS in JS object.
interface ITheme {
extends?: IThemeName;
container?: CSSProperties;
shared?: CSSProperties;
groups?: CSSProperties;
groupName?: CSSProperties;
groupPan?: CSSProperties;
groupCvv?: CSSProperties;
groupExp?: CSSProperties;
labels?: CSSProperties;
labelName?: CSSProperties;
labelPan?: CSSProperties;
labelCvv?: CSSProperties;
labelExp?: CSSProperties;
name?: CSSProperties;
pan?: CSSProperties;
cvv?: CSSProperties;
exp?: CSSProperties;

Example: light theme

container: {
display: 'flex',
flexWrap: 'wrap',
justifyContent: 'flex-start',
alignContent: 'flex-end',
position: 'relative' as 'relative',
width: '100%',
height: '100%',
padding: '4.70vw', //16px'
color: 'black',
fontFamily: 'monospace',
fontSize: '4.7vw', //'16px'
boxSizing: 'border-box',
opacity: 1,
groups: {
marginTop: '3.53vw' //'12px'
groupName: {
order: 2,
width: '100%',
textTransform: 'uppercase' as 'uppercase',
groupPan: {
order: 1,
width: '100%',
marginBottom: '3.53vw' //'12px'
groupCvv: {
order: 4,
display: 'inline-flex',
alignItems: 'center',
groupExp: {
order: 3,
display: 'inline-flex',
alignItems: 'center',
marginRight: '5.88vw', //'20px'
labels: {
display: 'none',
color: '#444',
fontSize: '3.53vw', //'12px',
textTransform: 'uppercase' as 'uppercase',
labelCvv: {
display: 'initial',
marginRight: '2.94vw', //'10px',
labelExp: {
display: 'initial',
marginRight: '2.94vw', //'10px',
pan: {
fontSize: '7.06vw', //24px