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Testing in Sandbox


API requests originating from sandbox accounts must be made against the sandbox API:

When you first log into Apto, you will land in our sandbox environment. Sandbox is a simulated replica of our production environment where you can interact with our full suite of developer tools, regardless of your PCI DSS compliance status. The intent is to allow you to explore what’s possible.

While your program is in Sandbox you can:

  • create cardholders
  • issue cards
  • fund cardholder accounts
  • simulate transactions
  • monitor card program activity

In sandbox, your Funding Account will be credited with an initial $20,000.00 test balance.

To get the most out of sandbox, you should simulate your intended use cases.


When testing your program in Sandbox, you'll only be able to create users with U.S. phone numbers. If you're a customer of one of our Blue or Orange Programs and would like to use non-U.S. phone numbers to test cardholder operations, contact us at


Keep in mind, the Green Program uses the funds good model and includes GET only access to the API in production, meaning you’re reliant on our SDKs to facilitate cardholder actions.

Once your integration is tested in sandbox, the move to production is seamless and you will be able to launch your customized program.