Get the Mobile API Key for the SDKs

A Mobile API Key is required to run the SDKs. To retrieve your Mobile API Key:

  1. Register for an account or login into the Apto Developer Portal.

    Note: In order to register or login to your Apto Developer Portal account, you will need to download a 2FA app such as the Google Authenticator App for your mobile device.

  2. Your account has different Mobile API Keys: Sandbox and Production. Ensure you choose the correct environment from the dropdown located in the lower left of the page.

    Mobile API Key

Sandbox (sbx)This is the sandbox environment. Use this for testing the SDK.
Production (prd)This is the production environment. Use this for your live production site.
  1. Select Developers from the left menu. Your Mobile API Key is listed on this page.

    Mobile API Key

    Note: MOBILE_API_KEY is used throughout this document to represent your Mobile API key. Ensure you replace MOBILE_API_KEY with the Mobile API Key in your account.